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    St George Tavern is located at 116 St George St in St Augustine, Florida.  The food is great, the bartenders friendly, and the crowd mostly always entertaining.  Stop by for your favorite refreshment and enjoy the atmosphere. 

    If you remember the show "Cheers", the Tavern is very reminiscent of it.  Where everyone knows your name is very fitting for guests visiting the Tavern.  It doesn't take long and you will feel like you've visited the Tavern for years.  Come on in, enjoy the crowd and wait staff.  They are all excellent.





    The St George Tavern, located at 116 St George Street in St Augustine, Florida.  

    Don't be surprised to hear a patron make the remark "The first time I came in here was back in the 70's, 80's " etc.......Start your own memories at the Tavern.  It will be for a lifetime...

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